Boating Information

Safety Equipment
In Ontario, you are required to have the usual safety equipment aboard your boat, such as life preservers, a heaving line, lights, horns or whistles, bailers, and fire extinguishers in some cases. Each of our rental boats includes a safety kit with bailer, whistle, waterproof flashlight, and heaving line. Life preservers are available to rent.

Boat Operator Cards
US residents can operate their own boat in Canadian waters for up to 45 days without the need for a boat operators certificate or card, subject to some age restrictions for those under the age of 16 years. If you rent a boat in Canada you must have an operators certificate, or a safety checklist provided by the rental company. We can provide you with the checklist, but to prevent delays when signing out a boat we urge you to take a boat operators course and have your own certificate.

To view Ontario boating regulations, visit the website of the

·  Canadian Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety.

Our Boat Ramp and Docking Facilities

The boat ramp currently has only a gravel surface. If you anticipate that your vehicle may have problems on the gravel, we will launch your boat with our 4-wheel-drive vehicle.

We have limited space for boats over 16 feet in length, so we cannot guarantee availability or convenience of docking space for such boats.

Invading Aquatic Species

Many non-native species of aquatic life are currently spreading throughout North America. They include Water Fleas, fish such as the Round Goby and the Ruffe, and vegetation such as Hydrilla.

Red Horse Lake now has zebra mussels, but we must remain vigilant to other invading species. If you are bringing your own boat to Shawmere, please keep your boat out of the water and dry (including live wells, bilges, and engine cooling systems) for at least two weeks prior to your stay, and remove any traces of water weeds that may be present anywhere on the boat, motor, or trailer.

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